About project

“Enhancement of Academic and Employment Potential of Ukrainian Young Refugees via Applied Digital Competences” (Future4Refugees, 2022-2024) where the UWB will act in partnership with the Polish Fundacja Ignatianum (Krakow). The “FUTURE4REFUGEES” project develops knowledge and skills of young Ukrainian refugees aged 15-18 to use modern digital technologies for personal, study and professional growth. It connects young people residing in the Czech Republic and Poland with the local school and university environment contributing to their academic and employment potential.

The overall project goal is to design and test the hybrid methodology (formal and non-formal learning approaches) of enhancing the knowledge and skills of young Ukrainian refugees to employ modern digital technologies to solve real-life cases from different spheres of human life. The activities combine formal and non-formal learning, taking into account practical aspects and the specifics of migrant education.

The partner institutions will develop and pilot test the methodology of the hybrid training course based on the “Digital Knowledge Guide for Young Refugees” and an online course with the participation of 30 young refugees from Ukraine and 10 educators from Poland and Czech Republic. Based on a verified methodology and an online course, another 20 educators will be trained for multiplication. A total of 230 young Ukrainian migrants will strengthen their practical digital competencies.

The result of the project is a set of teaching materials shaped into a Guide and MOOCs (courses for young migrants and their educators) in 4 language versions: English, Ukrainian, Polish and Czech. It is based on a verified methodology combining formal and non-formal educational approaches. Other outputs include: 260 digital badges and certificates for trained young migrants and educators; a website; dissemination materials and a conference.