Awaken your SCIENCE CURIOSITY with our course

Have fun with science! – that’s the name of our new course, which we offer you completely free of charge. In this course, you will learn about fascinating facts from the fields of science, computer science, nature, and more. But don’t expect boring lectures or dry texts. Our lessons are full of fun activities and multimedia materials that will explain everything to you in an understandable and fun way.

If you like science and adventure, this course is perfect for you!

What awaits you in the course:

Discovering: each lesson will offer you interesting activities that will help you understand the given topic.

Discussions: each lesson will also allow you to share your ideas, experiences, and questions with other course participants.

Feedback: each lesson will give you the opportunity to rate the course, and tell us your opinions on how we could improve it.

The course is designed so that you learn at your own pace and interest level.


The course consists of 6 lessons that cover different topics:

  • Man and computer: how does a computer work, and how do we communicate with it?
  • Man and robot: how do robots learn, and what can they do?
  • Humans and smart technologies: how do technologies make our lives easier, and what challenges do they bring?
  • Man and printing: how do we print different materials, and what can we actually print?
  • Man and health: how to maintain health, and how does science help us in this?
  • Man and nature: how do we get to know nature, and how do we protect it?

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We look forward to seeing you on the course, and exploring the world of science together!


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