Instructions on how to register on the Eduskop platform and sign up for the course

 We are pleased to announce that we have launched the Fun with Science course for students on the Eduskop platform.

Here are instructions on how to register for the platform and sign up for the course.

1) Open

2) Click on the REGISTER tab at the top

3) Fill in your:

  • E-mail,

  • Full name,

  • Public username (can be a nickname),

WARNING: do not use spaces, capital letters, diacritics or special characters for the public username.

– your password,

– your country of origin.

4) You must agree to the processing of personal data and the terms of use.


5) Then click on Create account on EDUSKOP

6) An automated message will arrive to your email and click on the marked link to activate your account.


7) Choose the course you want to study. In our case it will be this one:

8) Click on Enroll in Course.

9) Now you can start studying!