The webinar is happening

Finally, the webinar prepared by the University of West Bohemia and the Ignatianum Foundation of the Jesuit university of Krakow took place on 21/02/2023.

Professionals from both institutions met with professional guests and three young refugees from Ukraine to prepare and discuss the design and key points for the courses that will be released as part of the project Future4Refugees.

After the initial presentations, the parties began an exchange of their experiences in educating young refugees in the field of science and digital competencies as key for future access to quality jobs and to support their integration into their hosting countries.

The Check party shared their extensive experience in teaching science and digital skills. At the same time, the Polish team focused more on their expertise in the social and psychological factors as they had already had a great experience in this field due to their previous successful projects with immigrants.

The external professional guests also added interesting points to account for the program’s success, as they pointed out that some of the refugees already have skills and training on some occasions and that validation of their skills in the form of diplomas will also provide significant support to them.

Another invited professional shared her expertise in creating and developing social media. It helped all webinar participants think about young refugees’ digital competencies and how they can present them on the Internet.

To top it up, the webinar counted the participation of young refugees with experience studying abroad in countries like England with a high grade of technological tools in their teaching methods.

Finally, the young refugees shared their social and psychological difficulties and added exciting information about their expectations and interests.

As a result of all these exchanges, numerous ideas came into place to be applied to the design of future courses.

A practical approach to the courses will include, for example, how to create web pages and the innovative uses to be given to such skills, such as building business and future work relationships.

It also came with the discussion necessity of training the educators for a new approach that would adapt to the situation and needs of this young student focusing on an interactive process where collaboration and interaction between the students and educator will be essential for the success of their tasks and projects.